Fresh vs. Frozen Seafood & Meat

Mar 28, 2024

Decoding the Debate.

The age-old debate between fresh and frozen seafood and meat has left many puzzled.

At Mmmm!, we aim to demystify this discussion by delving into the real disparities between the two options, focusing on nutrient retention, flavor preservation, and texture maintenance.


Nutrient Retention:
While fresh seafood and meat often boast higher initial nutrient levels, the duration they spend on store shelves can lead to nutrient degradation.

Conversely, frozen seafood and meat lock in nutrients upon freezing, preserving their nutritional value over time. Thus, the nutritional superiority of fresh products diminishes with prolonged shelf exposure.

Flavor Preservation:

When thawed correctly, professionally frozen seafood and meat maintain their flavors comparably to fresh counterparts. However, improper thawing methods prevalent in Singapore can compromise flavor.

Optimal thawing occurs in the refrigerator, ensuring flavor retention. Additional tips include proper placement in the refrigerator and preventing cross-contamination.

Texture Maintenance:

Concerns about texture alteration due to ice crystal formation in frozen seafood and meat are valid. Nevertheless, industrial blast-freezing and vacuum sealing mitigate this issue effectively.

Home freezing can also preserve texture by double wrapping products to prevent freezer burn and dehydration.


Both fresh and frozen seafood and meat have their merits, with neither holding inherent superiority. Proper freezing techniques can even enhance tenderness and shelf life.

Ultimately, the quality of the product and adherence to correct freezing and thawing methods dictate the outcome of the culinary experience.


Fresh or Frozen, Mmmm! Has You Covered:

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