Mastering Pork Delights, In Under 15mins

Mar 07, 2024

Unleash the Flavor: Mastering Pork Recipes with Mmmm!

In the realm of home cooking, every chef boasts a star recipe that tantalizes taste buds. When it comes to swift meal solutions or unexpected dinner guests, pork emerges as the culinary hero.

Despite its reputation for complexity, pork's adeptness at absorbing and amplifying flavors makes it a kitchen essential. Whether you're simmering it slowly or grilling succulent chops, pork's hearty essence harmonizes with every ingredient, promising culinary perfection.

Exploring Pork's Versatility

Pork, renowned for its adaptability, presents a world of culinary possibilities. From the heritage richness of Kurobuta pork to succulent chops, there's a pork dish for every occasion.

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Pork Recipes to Savor

1. Pork Fried Rice: A Quick Flavor Fix

Whip up a bold and aromatic dish in minutes with our Pork Fried Rice recipe. Featuring a tantalizing blend of ground pork, Asian sauces, and fragrant rice, it's a perfect solution for busy evenings.

  • Peanut oil (2 to 3 tbsps)
  • Ground pork (0.25kg)
  • Oyster sauce (3 tbsps)
  • Soy sauce (1 tbsp)
  • Green onions (3, chopped)
  • Garlic (3 cloves, minced)
  • Eggs (3, beaten)
  • Mixed frozen vegetables (1 cup)
  • Steamed rice (3 cups)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Toasted sesame oil (2tsps)
  1. Heat some of the peanut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add the ground pork and cook until golden brown.
  2. Add in the chopped green onion, minced garlic, and 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce. Cook for 1 minute or until well mixed.
  3. Add the steamed rice and turn the heat down to medium. Cook and stir all the ingredients together, adding more oil if the rice starts to look dry.
  4. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and soy sauce. Stir well.
  5. Add the mixed vegetables and stir. Make a hole in the center of the pan, add the remaining peanut oil, and pour in the beaten eggs.
  6. Let the eggs cook for a few seconds before scrambling and mixing them with the other ingredients.
  7. Season with salt to taste and drizzle with toasted sesame oil before serving hot as a main dish.


2. Pork and Soy Egg Noodles: A Burst of Fresh Flavors

Indulge in tender pork strips marinated in a tantalizing mix of honey and ginger, served atop chewy egg noodles. This dish promises a symphony of flavors in every bite, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

  • Cider vinegar (1 tbsp)
  • Reduced-salt soy sauce (2 tbsps)
  • Cornflour (1 tbsp)
  • Honey (1 tbsp)
  • Ginger (1 tsp, grated)
  • Pork fillet (400g, cut in strips)
  • Dried egg noodles (250g)
  • Vegetable oil (1 tbsp)
  • Red pepper (1, deseeded & sliced)
  • Snow peas (150g, sliced)
  • Spring onions (1 bunch, sliced)
  • Red chili (sliced)
  • Sesame seeds (20g, toasted)
  1. In a bowl, mix together cider vinegar, soy sauce, cornflour, honey, and grated ginger. Add the pork strips and mix until fully coated. Set aside to marinate for a few minutes.
  2. Cook the dried egg noodles according to package instructions.
  3. Heat a large wok over high heat and add vegetable oil.
  4. Stir-fry the sliced peppers, snow peas, and white parts of the spring onions for 1 minute.
  5. Add the marinated pork strips to the wok and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes before adding the remaining marinade to cook further.
  6. Add the green parts of the spring onions and remove the wok from the heat.
  7. Drain the cooked egg noodles and add them to the wok with the pork and vegetables.
  8. Garnish with sliced chili and toasted sesame seeds before serving.


3. Classic Pork Chop BBQ: A Crowd-Pleasing Delight

Elevate your gatherings with our Classic Pork Chop BBQ recipe. Infused with spicy red pepper flakes and grilled to perfection, these chops are sure to leave your guests craving more.

  • Honey (¼ cup)
  • Vegetable oil (2 tbsps)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp)
  • Ground cumin (1 tsp)
  • Red pepper flakes (½ tsp)
  • 8 pork chops
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
  1. In a small bowl, whisk together honey, vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar, ground cumin, and red pepper flakes to make the marinade.
  2. Season both sides of the pork chops with salt and freshly ground pepper, then place them in a ziplock bag with the marinade. Allow the pork chops to marinate for at least an hour.
  3. Preheat the grill or grill pan.
  4. Cook the marinated pork chops for about 4 minutes on each side or until they reach the desired level of doneness.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy!


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