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    The pigs are grown with no antibiotics, no medicated feed, no growth hormones and no animal protein by-products. The pigs are reared in Montana of USA among the snow mountains. As such all the minerals and supplements comes from the spring water underneath the snow mountains.
    In addition, the fatty acid in natural pork is about 50% less than other pork. Thus you will not feel lardy even after eating a large quantity of this pork.

    This all-natural Pork Meats are raised by small family farmers committed to sustainable and humane practices. The independent family farmers are required to raise their livestock outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. Their animals have continual access to food and water and spend their entire lives with their litter mates. This allows the animals to express their natural instinctive behaviors and form healthy social groups.

    The Raised With Care® practices all add up to a stress-free life for each animal. These practices combined provide our animals with a comfortable, peaceful life. This equates to consistent great taste and uncompromised quality.


    Quality meats sliced thinly for a quick dip in the hotpot. Enjoy a wide range of meats and cuts at Mmmm!

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Top Pork Supplier in Singapore

Pork is one of the tastiest and most versatile meats to cook with. Whether it’s bacon, ribs, loin, fillet, pork chop, or a delicious pork belly - there aren’t many ways to go wrong with pork!

As one of the top pork suppliers in Singapore, Mmmm! offers a wide selection of pork cuts - both fresh and frozen. The best and most experienced butchers will be there throughout the process of preparing the meats, and we guarantee only top-quality produce with our fresh weekly shipments. Every one of our meat products - pork, beef, poultry, and more - are never compromised on quality.

Why Buy Pork Online from Mmmm!

In addition to our fresh and frozen cuts, we also offer special Family Sets which are perfect for everyday cooking. Our Family Yakiniku Pork Set or our Family Pork Feast BBQ Set are sure to be winners at the dinner table. If you would like your pork marinated before you take it home, we have on-site marination services just for that too. Try a delicious BBQ-marinated pork belly for Christmas - we guarantee you’ll be going “Mmmm!” Whatever your personal preferences may be for pork meat, our butchers will be able to work something out for you.

But that is not all! Our pork cuts are also sold at affordable prices, and we deliver all our top-quality products right to the doorstep of all our customers. Mmmm! is one of the best places to buy pork meat online in Singapore as our selection is not only extensive but is also suitable for Asian cooking.

Have Fresh Pork Delivered to Your Doorstep in Singapore

When you buy pork from our online platform, Mmmm! offers reliable delivery services throughout Singapore. Create an account with us today to make an order and never miss out on exclusive discounts! Home delivery within 2 to 3 days and pre-ordering for festive deliveries are available as well. Contact us through our website or give us a call at +65 9712 0473 if you have any inquiries.



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