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Fresh and Frozen Seafood Supplier in Singapore

There are only a few things in life more decadent and delicious than seafood! From fishes and oysters, to prawns and lobster tails, there is an abundance of seafood options that have been made available.

As one of the leading fresh and frozen seafood suppliers in Singapore, Mmmm! boasts a wide range of seafood, so you’re sure to get your hands on anything you need. All our seafood is Australian wild-caught and is always handled and prepped by the most experienced team. Be it frozen seafood or fresh ones, we guarantee only top-quality produce with our fresh weekly shipments. We strive to deliver the best product, and that includes the best seafood delivery in Singapore, so you can enjoy these wild catches daily. Cleaned and packed with extra care, our high standards of quality are never compromised.

Order Seafood Online in Singapore

On Mmmm!, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. Importing premium fresh seafood for years, we will always supply our customers with the freshest catch on a daily basis. Equipped with the knowledge of safe handling practices, we will also deliver your purchases in temperature controlled trucks to retain its freshness and top-notch quality.

Delivering the wet markets right to your doorstep, you can enjoy the affordable price points as you shop online. Browse our website to find out what fresh and frozen seafood in Singapore we have on offer, and add them to your cart. To load up on the freshness - just click, cart out, and await your delivery! Not sure how to whip up a delectable meal with your fresh or frozen seafood buys? Check out our recipe library for inspiration!

Leverage Our Online Seafood Delivery Services

Mmmm! is undoubtedly one of the best places to find online seafood delivery services in Singapore. All of our seafood is sold at affordable prices, and we deliver only top-quality products to our customers, just in time for dinner! Create an account with us today and start ordering seafood online immediately! Home delivery within 2 days and pre-ordering for festive deliveries are available as well. For more information on our Australian wild-caught seafood and our other services, reach out to us by filling in our online enquiry form or give us a call at +65 9712 0473.



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