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Fresh and Frozen Lobster in Singapore

Do you love cooking with fresh lobster tail but have difficulty finding an affordable and reliable supplier in Singapore? Mmmm! has got you covered! You no longer have to spend so much time trying to source for the freshest and the most premium Australian wild-caught lobsters any more!

Lobster tails, or lobsters in general, have a sweet yet light flavour profile. Leaving a cleaner taste on the palate, the mild flavours of lobsters make it the perfect accompaniment to any cuisine - Asian ones included. Perfect for poaching, grilling, steaming, or even baking, this versatile seafood ingredient will have you tasting the freshness of the ocean.

Lobster Tail from Mmmm!

As the leading supplier of wild-caught Australian seafood, Mmmm! only offers the best catches directly from the source at an affordable price. Carrying a variety of fresh and frozen lobster and lobster tails, you can enjoy the treasures of the ocean with a click of a button. Beyond lobster tails that are offered fresh to all customers both online and in-stores, our frozen lobsters are quickly blast-chilled to ensure that they're just as good as the live variety.

Our range of lobsters is a delicate balance of meat-to-shell ratio, so you get a generous amount of tasty flesh. The varying weight of each lobster tail available also makes it clear how much you should expect when ordering from Mmmm!, so you don’t have to worry about having small quantities delivered to you.

Lobster Delivery in Singapore

Mmmm! prides itself on its speedy seafood delivery. Bringing you delicious lobsters straight to the sunny Singapore islands, you can get some of the freshest catches just in time for a family dinner or special occasion. If you order any of our products before noon, expect to see your seafood delivered within 2 days. Orders SGD100 and above also mean that you’ll get free delivery right to your doorstep in Singapore.

Getting delicious lobster tail delivered is easy with Mmmm! All you need to do is to create an account with us, place your order online, check out, and wait for your fresh seafood to be delivered to you.


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